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'Is this for me?'

A free, flexible programme for women starting or thinking about starting a business.

You will discover…….what's important to you and what's stopping you moving forward. When you know what really makes you tick, you can make informed decisions about what to do next.

You will learn the most effective way to grow yourself and your business. You will gain clarity about what you really want, network with like-minded people and build lasting relationships to support you on your journey!

Memorise This

This programme is full of ideas of how to improve short term and long term memory. It is packed with strategies for effective recall such as simple repetition, mnemonics, word association, linking and story telling.

During the programme, delegates will learn how to use specific language and imagery for recording, organising, remembering, creative thinking and problem solving. Our evaluation system for this programme will enable each delegate to see the amazing results during the day.

Speed Reading

The main focus of this programme is to provide the delegate with tangible improvements in speed and accuracy when using this life skill. Our aim is to help save valuable time by equipping people with various strategies to use in all aspects of life, whether it be post, e-mail, reports or research for study.

At the end of this remarkable day you will be issued with a 30 day practice pack to take away. This will enable you to effectively adapt and develop your speed reading habits quickly and easily.

Mind Mapping

This programme focuses on the powerful graphical technique of putting ideas and plans down on paper. It uses visual and creative skills to encourage, expand and organise thoughts and ideas by replicating the functionality of the human brain!

The most popular use of this technique is as a revision tool. Some other uses are; presentations, note taking, decision making, problem solving and planning. Mind Mapping delivers measurable results quickly. You will notice a tangible improvement on completion of this one day course.

Team Effectiveness

Group coaching

Team/group/meeting facilitation

Bespoke Programmes

As well as the pre-designed programmes, we offer a bespoke service designed to meet your specific business needs. We fully utilise the Accelerated Learning and Neuro Linguistic Programming models. This will increase employee confidence, speed and accuracy of learning and the ability to put the learning methods and techniques into practice. In addition, once your programme has been designed, we will provide full programme delivery training to key individuals within your company. This means that costs are kept at a minimum and by keeping training in-house can help to move your business towards our goal of high performance quickly and seamlessly .

Our bespoke service allows us to design and deliver proven unique training products across all sectors of business big or small.

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