What's different about us?

What's different about us?

We provide cost-effective training solutions for you or your employees that will save you time and money.

How we deliver

We create an environment that accelerates learning using proven techniques and tools that create the right mindset for high performance.

Improving Individual and Team effectiveness - Our philosophy

Positive Influence develops people. Business is all about people and relationships. Good relationships result in successful business.

Our philosophy focuses on relationship building; improving the performance of people results in successful business growth.

Our programmes are designed to create the underlying attitudes that need to be adopted to create a high performing business.

Now more than ever, it is more crucial to possess the necessary skills and attitude to perform well at work. Technical skills, experience and intellect ( I.Q) are important for creating high performing individuals, but so too, is the ability to manage ourselves and our relationships. This is known as Emotional Intelligence.

Emotionally Intelligent employees are high performers - they handle conflict well, tolerate stress, are self-motivated and creative.

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